888 slots

888 slots are considered to be one of favorite gambling among variety of online games powered by the other software giants like Top Game slots or Real Time Gaming slots, etc. Video slots developed by 888 are known to be among the most popular online. There are twelve slots games that have mostly five reel construction. In addition, they are tending to be based on the various funny themes. The graphics and sound effects can make the gamers feel realistic and excited. Moreover, it makes them come back again to online casinos and try the online slots gambling with 888 over and over again.
The most popular 888 slots are as follows: City Life, Swamp of Fortune, Knights and Maidens, Top Spin snooker, Globetrotting, Freaky fruit, etc.

Themed slots

City Life

City Life slots can offer the gamer the excellent adventure in the big city. Here the gamer can encounter the seducers, the swindlers, etc. who are watching in the dark city alleys. They are going to give the gamer an opportunity to find out what the gamer is actually made of. Besides, in the bonus game the gamers may encounter even more wild heroes, the main task here is to beat them by means of their own scams and run away with the cash!
These slots have 2 pay lines with the bonus game called Streetwise. The gamers can start with 5 up to 10 dollars for each line.

Knights and Maidens

The players can easily meet the knights and maidens in slots game that is designed in the mysterious medieval warrior theme. Knights and Maidens game possesses the bonus game called The Cavalier's quest which offers the challenge and possibility to win lump sum of money. It is significant that the game is available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese language regimes.
There are 9 pay lines with denomination starting from 5 and up to 10 dollars for line.

Swamp of Fortune

Swamp of fortune video slot is inhabited with the spooky creatures. They live inside the sunken slots that are filled with money! The bonus game offered in this slot game is called Creepy Creatures game. It is possible to snatch the cash right from the monsters.
The game consists of 20 pay lines; the gamer can start with 5 and raise up to 10 dollars for line. Regular combination can be up to five hundred X bet for line.

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