About slots

Every respectful slot gamer is sure to know a lot about slots. It is possible to say about slots that they are considered to be one of the most widespread and popular gambling all over the world.

In addition, in different countries all over the world, the slots are the same, except their regional variation names. Thus, In the USA the game is called simply the slots, the UK gamblers enjoy it as fruit machines, Australia has pokies, and Japan possesses pachinko and pachisuro. Slot type may vary, as well.

Historical evidences

It is widely accepted that the very first slots machines were designed and manufactured by the person who was called the father of slots in slots history - Charles Fey. The slot machine was invented in 1887 in San Francisco. Charles Fey invented the machine first with the 3 reels that were to be spinning and the total number of 5 images depicted on each reel. The original symbols were horseshoes, spades, hearts, diamonds, and the most famous Liberty Bell symbol that gave its name to the first slots machine. Indeed, the invention was called Liberty Bell and soon was manufactured to supply the gambling areas in the USA and later on different parts of the world.

However, the slots history was begun a bit earlier. In 1981 Sittman and Pitt Company managed to design the gambling machine that was a prototype of the modern slots. The most significant about slots were the fact that they contained 5 drums with images based on the poker card game.

Another early model of slots machine was made to give the winnings by means of chewing gums, but not money. Fruit Gum Company managed to advertise its production - chewing gums with the help of fruit depiction, alongside the most famous BAR symbol on the reels of the slots.

About slots nowadays

Modern slots are considered to remain the same most famous gambling, however, since the time of Charles Fey they changed a bit, became more accomplished and convenient in exploitation. Nowadays the gamblers all around the world may enjoy the great number of slot types, variations, symbols, etc.

In the computerized era the innovative slot modifications like video slots and slots online became available for the gamers. Besides, the introduction of the random number generator played a great role as far as it is now almost impossible to predict the slots game outcome or cheat, etc. In modern gambling world there are a lot of up to date slots software and online casinos with a range of newest slots games.

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