Cryptologic is considered to be one of the leading software and program solution providers for online gambling, alongside the other giants like Microgaming or Playtech.

It is significant to know that this slots software provider was founded in Canada in 1995. The founders are considered to be Andrew and Mark Rivkin. They managed to analyze the Internet emerging market and set the gaming business. Cryptologic developed the services that provided the clients with various banking and cash transfer facilities. Surprisingly, the service was so very much successful that became prosperous in the fast possible time.


Cryptologic is considered to express the most up to date innovative software. They say that Cryptologic is bringing "the blue chip" thinking to the gaming tables. Indeed, the online casinos powered by this company are well known all around the world due to the innovative solutions and high quality of the products. The major stress of the company is always on the safety issues and their importance.

In addition, Cryptologic casinos are known to be not only modern and fresh, but as well responsible and fair in relation to the clients. The software can ensure it by means of placing the particular limits on the gamers' bets and deposits.

Moreover, the company pays for the assistance provided by the specific companies concerning the client's support and problem solutions.

Casino gaming with Cryptologic

If first sign up at Cryptologic casino online, it is impossible not to notice the platforms that are pleasant and easy to gamble on. The products are considered the pieces of the gambling art. Cryptologic was awarded several times for its major products.

In download casinos software developed by Cryptologic, it is possible to find about 200 various games! Among the array the gamer will have the opportunity to find the newest lottery game versions, as well as traditional casino games.


Cryptologic can offer the gamers realistic graphics that is clear, eye-catching and attractive. Besides, the playing buttons are easy to find and play with. All this produces the atmosphere of comfort and ease in such an environment. It is much more relaxing to enjoy the game at home, but with the presence of the up to date visual and audio effects. The colors and design are attractive and appealing. The feeling of reality is increased due to the set of effects offered by Cryptologic. For example, in live dealer casinos, hearing the voice makes gambling experience really less dry and more appealing. It is worth trying!

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