No download casinos

No download casinos are used by gamers in online gaming. No download casinos are mostly powered by the so called Flash technology that enables playing in the gamer's web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.

General characteristics

For playing online games in the web browser it is important for the gamer to download the Flash plug in into the computer. It is an option for no download casinos loading and playing games. It is essential to note that no download casinos typically are quicker due to the fact that the lobby and all the games included are considered to weigh less in file size. Besides, no download casinos do not offer the same set of games in comparison with download casino software.

Pros and cons


  • It is possible to play from any personal computer from any part of the world even without any need to redownload the casino software.
  • No download casinos may allow the gamer to play conveniently within any popular web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • In addition. Download and playing are characterized by speed.


  • It is possible to gamble, however, on slower Internet connection. It is due to the fact that the online games must be loaded each time the gamer enters web, and each time the player gambles it takes some time for the game to be loaded.
  • Sound effects and graphics can be sometimes very annoying and dull.
  • Traditionally, the experience of gambling is not so reliable as far as the casino software is based in web and usually cannot exceed the native operational system. For example, in download casino version in the case of the error occurrence, the casino will probably do the best to recover it as soon as possible. In no download casinos it is quite problematic to recover if the error occurred.

Games offered

No download casinos may offer the wide range of games to play. For instance, flash blackjack is available in several variations. In addition, the gamers can participate in online slots gambling, flash roulette, etc. In addition, the huge variety of flash video poker games in flash rooms for poker can be obtained.

Besides, it is important to mention that casinos tend to be secure and safe. The gamers can feel potential and confident while using no download casinos software. The personal information confidence is guaranteed, thus, the personal info of the gamer is secure.

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