Slot type

Slot type is an important thing for the best online slots gambling. The matter is that it is possible to find a lot of various slots games on the web. Slot type defines the features of the game, the possible bonuses and other options and features that usually are described in slots guide in particular. Thus, slot type is an important issue to deal with in online slots gambling.

Types of slot machines

In modern gambling world there are a lot of diverse slot types available online. However, mostly all of these slots configurations are working according to the same principle - insert money and push the button!

The major and classical slot type is straight, alongside the other popular slots are considered to be progressive that can offer the gamer progressive jackpots.

  1. Straight slots
  2. Progressive slots

1. Straight slots

In straight slots the winnings are repaid according to the listed on the slots schedule. For instance, one lemon can repay 2 coins, 2 lemons - 5 coins, and 3 - 10 coins. Depending on the schedule that is listed on the machine itself it is possible to point out the following 4 kinds of straight slots.

  • Multiplier
  • Bonus multiplier
  • Multiple pay line
  • Buy a Pay


In multiplier the number of coins that are played can multiple the payouts. For example, if the slots pay 5 coins for 3 lemons if one coin is played, it should repay 10 for the next played coin. There is no advantage of playing the max amount of coins.

Bonus multiplier

The principle of functioning is the same as with ordinary multiplier, except the slot machine can offer the bonus for the maximum coins played. It means that playing with some extra coins will certainly double the winnings, for instance, on 1coin slots and even triple the winnings on 3coin slot machine. However, it is essential to read the slot machine first.

Buy a Pay

These machines are rather sophisticated. It is better first to get acknowledged with all of such slot type. Buy a Pay machines want the gamer to play with the maximum coins in order to hit the largest jackpot. For example, if playing 1 or 2 coins it is possible to collect the small winning. If the gamer hits jackpot with 1 or 2 coins, the gamer will not get anything. To hit the largest jackpot on such machines it is necessary to use the maximum coins.

2. Progressive slots

The second slot type is progressive. Such slots' rewards are increasing with each played coin. When the jackpot is hit, the coin amount goes back to the starting point.

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