Slots guide

Slots guide is helpful for people that cannot make head or tail of slot machines and slot games. Slots guide is considered to be the set of specific terms about slots that are related to slot machines and all possible actions and features that are connected with them.

Slots terms

There is a range of the most common slot terms that can be of use during both online slots gambling and slots gaming at the land casinos.

  • Action is considered to be particular bankroll that the gamer wagers in particular period.
  • Bonus feature is known to be bonus game that can offer the free spin or some extra winning.
  • Carousel is known to be the group of casino slots.
  • Coin size is the minimum coin amount that can be taken by slot machine.
  • Hit is the slang definition of win.
  • Hopper is known to be the area for coins in the slot machine that is designed to separate the size of coins to pick them up and pay out.
  • Max bet is the specific money amount that is to be spent in order to get jackpot or bonuses.
  • One armed bandit is another, but a bit vintage name of slot machine.
  • Pay line is the slot line that indicates what symbols are matched into the winning combination.
  • Payout percent is the amount put by the gamer in relation to what is won back.
  • Pay table is a special chart that offers the gamer winning symbols that are paid out and also how much they can repay for the obtainable combinations.
  • Progressive jackpot is known to be the jackpot that is accumulated with each played coin on the slots. It grows bigger as the games in slot carousel are played as far as they are linked.
  • Random number generator is the special program that is used by the online computer designed to control slot machines.
  • Staggered payout is the chart that may offer more cash if the player uses more coins. In order to get progressive jackpot the gamer must make the max bet.
  • Static jackpot is the jackpot that is not changing; the percent of the bet will not increase the repayment.
  • Token is known to be disc made of metal that is used instead the coin.
  • Video slots are the game where video game and slots are combined. Video slot use the screen instead the reel to show the symbols.
  • Wild symbol is the slots symbol that can substitute the other, except scattered one.
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