Top Game slots

Top Game slots are quite various and each gamer can easily find the slot games to play. Top game slots are characterized by the sharp graphics and excellent sound effects.

Among the most widely played slots developed by Top Game there can be themed slot games like Crazy Jungle, Berry Flavors, Big Bang, Bingo slots, etc. that will be available for gambling online.


Crazy Jungle

Top Game slots called Crazy Jungle is known to be the five reel slot game with 15 pay lines. It is video Top Game slots. It is possible to play the slot game with nearly 45 dollars or as little as 0.05 dollars per each spin. Crazy Jungle slots are powered by Top Game slots software. Crazy Jungle is known to be the progressive jackpot game. Thus, the gamer can easily play to fifteen coins per each spin.

Berry flavors

Another slots game powered by Top Game is Berry Flavors. It is considered to be three reel, three pay line Top Game slots. It is possible to play this slots game with 15.00 dollars, or with 0.05 per each spin. The Berry flavors slot machine can accepts up to three coins per each spin. The maximum possible jackpot can be the sum of about 6,000 coins!

Big bang slots

Big Bang is known to be the slots of the same slot type - the 3 reel with 3 pay lines game. The gamers can enjoy playing them with max $15.00 or min $0.05 coins for spin. Big Bang is powered on the basis of Top Game platforms. This very slot machine may accept up to three coins for the spin, and the largest jackpot can be estimated 6,000 coins, as well.

Bingo Slot

The most significant and interesting Top Game slots are considered to be 5 reel slots with 25 lines called Bingo slots. Traditionally it is the 25 pay line video game. It is possible to gamble with max of 75.00 dollars for spin or as little as 0.05 for spin. Bingo Slots with 25 pay lines are progressive slots with the large jackpots. It is possible to gamble with up to 25 coins for each spin. Bingo Slot is soon going to be available for the gamers via the I-net.

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