Vegas Technology

Vegas Technology started as a firm that was based in Ontario, Toronto. First it was called Odds On and was considered to be founded in 1996. At that very time the company offered the secure facilities for e-commerce web sites for money transfer and taking payments via the I-net. However, the company managed to transform into the gaming giant on the software market.

The beginning

The initial flow of clients with their offerings made the company founders think that it was quite possible to extend the business by means not only of providing the banking facilities or e-cash transfer, but also create the division of the soft development. Thus, being armed with the revolutionary suite of Java based games Vegas Technology managed to acquire the licenses in Barbuda and Antigua and began the empire building.

In addition, the huge plus was the acknowledgement in security issues, as far as the company started with the banking business, especially depending on the people giving their credit cards and their details via the I-net.

Development of business

The company kept growing and very soon became prosperous corporation. In 2003 Odds On merged with Harbor Gaming Ventures that as English company - one of the most respectful and oldest of the online casinos operators. Hence, the previous name was erased and the company turned out to be called Vegas Technology. The name is kept up till nowadays.

Modern Vegas Technology

Nowadays, it is essential to note that more than 100 titles of Vegas Technology games can be played both immediately within the internet browser and by means of download casino software. It is wise to keep in mind that Vegas Technology possesses solid reputation for top qualified soft with ultimate sound and graphics providing.


The library of Vegas Technology has fifteen video poker variations, more than 80 different kinds of slots games. In order to compete with the other giants like Rival Gaming, for example, the company promotes the widest range of slot machine games. Their slots may offer an array of wild symbols, pay lines that are multiple, network of progressive jackpots with really lump sums of money. By the way, the innovative technologies developed by Vegas Technology won the award Top Casino Software that is a very prestigious gambling industry award in 2005.

In addition, there is the specific area where Vegas technology is particularly focused. Multi player tournaments are of particular interest. The matter is that almost all of the games with Vegas Tech can be played in the so called tournament mode. Indeed, the company may provide the clients with the range of monthly regular contests with astonishing rewards.

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